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A clear vision on how to achieve your stated goals with our support

Your goals

Bright futures are built on solid foundations, and our initial consultation will allow us to delve into the hopes for your financial future and address any concerns you might have along the way. You will leave this meeting feeling informed, engaged and confident of the potential of your future plans.

The asset analysis profile

Our dedicated team will be in touch to gather the foundations for our exploration process. We will gather the personal details and specifics relating to your current assets that will become the basis for our financial modelling.

The financial risk snapshot

Any plan for your financial future will be shaped by your attitude to risk. Our questionnaire will explore your core values, giving us a deeper insight into what really matters to you. This will allow us to build a plan that is tailored towards achieving your future goals.

The future focus summary

We will discuss and document the detailed goals and objectives that have been uncovered during the exploration phase of our journey.
We will re-visit these alongside your current position, outlining what is important to you in the short and long term.

The financial modelling tool

The Financial Modelling Tool is h2o’s system, which allows us to look at where you are now versus the future. With it we’ll explore options and alternatives, based on your personal financial goals to guide us on the best route to reach your objective.

The Navigator Plan

This is the culmination of everything that has come before, a unique action plan created to meet your personal objectives. A dynamic presentation will provide you with clear information; with choices and steps that we’ll take together to achieve the financial security and choices of your dreams.

The implementation process

Now that we have an agreed journey in mind, we’ll embark on your voyage towards your brighter financial future. Our support team will work to prepare and process your paperwork, keeping you updated at each stage and dealing with any questions.

The strategic Navigator review

Just like a true navigator, it is always important to look at your current position and your intended journey together with the actions in your Navigator Plan. We will talk through life plans, present risks and any expected changes before we see if a course correction is necessary.

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