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Navigate your financial future with us

We help you make sense of your money by creating a clear vision so you can achieve your personal goals. See how we can support you to build a financial plan you can trust in.

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Who we are

We are a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals, specialising in creating and implementing strategies which help you build and protect your wealth and reach your personal objectives, goals, and aspirations.

What we do

We offer a holistic approach to strategic and lifestyle financial planning advice, which is thoughtful, refreshingly clear and highly focused on your personal objectives, goals, and aspirations.


As each person’s circumstances are unique, our support and advice is uniquely tailored to your lifestyle, financial goals and aspirations. We listen, we think and then we deliver.


About us

Originally founded by our principal Neil Hurrell in 1991, and branded h2o financial in 2003, we are a boutique financial practice distinguished by the lifetime relationships we build with our clients.


Serving our clients and helping them make their personal objectives, goals, and aspirations a reality is what we are all about. Our success is down to an ethos embraced by all members of the team, focussed on a strong desire and willingness to help serve your objectives. In a very personal business, what sets us apart is an attitude that is warm, approachable, patient, and helpful. 


In the world of financial service we believe we provide the best of both worlds: a highly personalised service, through our dedicated client service team at h2o financial with the backing from a well-resourced organisation – The Openwork Partnership.

Calm Sea

Whatever your financial needs, we can meet them through our specialist knowledge and experience

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