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Our team

Our people are carefully chosen, and we invest heavily in their training and development. We never forget that our clients have a choice; when you choose to work with us, you’ll be assured of dealing with qualified experienced professionals who are astute, motivated and dedicated to our ethos of aiming to provide unrivalled individual service.


It is thanks to our people that our clients stay with us, and new clients come to us by personal introduction. Our team comprises financial advisers, technical planners, client liaison staff, skilled administrators and a wealth of specialist support from The Openwork Partnership

h2o financial Neil.jpg
Neil Hurrell
Director & Financial Planner

Neil started the business in 1991 as a single parent father after a career change from Motor Engineering to enable him to look after his daughter. Neil embedded these core family values in h2o Financial and it is one of the reasons we maintain such long lasting relationships with our clients.

Along with time with his family, Neil enjoys cycling and snowboarding and has a passion for sailing and has even sailed around the world in a yacht race.   

h2o financial Richard .jpg

Richard Hurrell
Practice Manager & Financial Planner

Richard, son of founder Neil, joined the team in 2017 bringing youthful energy and a variety of experience from his career at HSBC including corporate lending, international credit underwriting, software development and supporting customers with mental health challenges – he's now an essential part of business –  keeping the wheels turning.

Richard enjoys snowboarding and motorcycling or will be found at his computer enjoying games.


Tim has been longstanding friends with Neil since they worked together in the 90s. Successfully running  his own financial advice practice he amalgamated with h2o in 2022. Tim has over 30 years of advice experience and has achieved the highest level of qualifications possible in our industry with  the title of Fellow with the Personal Finance Society.

Tim is a keen sportsman and spent many years as a cricket fast bowler before moving into tennis and badminton.  

Tim Felstead
Chartered Financial Planner

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Jonathan Eleini
Chartered Wealth Manager

Jonathan had a successful career in real estate development with his family but his passion for financial markets and studious nature resulted in him successfully qualifying as a Chartered Wealth Manager. He joined the h2o team so he could work in an industry he truly enjoys whilst maintaining the values of a family business.


Jonathan likes to keep active with picturesque walks and tennis, then relax with a perfectly blended cup of coffee.  

h2o financial Ian.jpg
Ian Carroll
Team Administrator

Ian started working in financial services in 1986 and has worked for a number of well respected firms before meeting Neil through Allied Dunbar, he subsequently joined h2o in 2005.

Ian retired from h2o in 2016 and as a leaving present we helped him to fulfil his wish to climb mount Kilimanjaro.


Ian returned in 2017 and has swapped mountain climbing for seeing every corner of the world by cruise ship.

h2o financial Laura.jpg

Laura James
Team Administrator

Laura has a wealth of experience from several financial advisory firms and ran her own team at Metlife supporting their relationship with The Openwork Partnership. After Laura started her family she decided to join h2o in 2018 after recognising our family values.

When Laura isn’t having fun with her daughters she can be found enjoying a spa day and a glass of bubbles.

h2o financial Helen.jpg

Helen Jones
Team Administrator

Helen worked internationally in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia in the Oil and Gas industry for 15 years before taking on the new challenge of working in financial services with h2o in 2021. Helen still works internationally occasionally, taking her laptop all over the world when visiting her family.

When Helen isn’t on a plane, she is in London with her children enjoying the next stage show. 

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Sandra Cooper
Team Administrator

Sandie has been working in the mortgage industry for several decades and learnt it inside and out. With her in-depth knowledge of the Openwork Partnership she started expanding her financial services knowledge by engaging in wealth focused advice several year ago. Embracing remote working and the h2o flexibility she has swapped the south coast beach for the lochs in Scotland. 

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Louise Doyle
Team Administrator

Louise had an established career in Family Law and Probate before deciding that she wanted to learn something new. She joined Financial Services in 2019 and loves the increased work variety as no two days are the same.


Louise  relishes the outdoors, growing vegetables for her frequent BBQ’s and chasing different scenery at any opportunity in her Camper with her family.   

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Robin Hurrell
Digital Administrator

Robin, a dedicated team member since April 2022, brings passion and unwavering commitment to delivering a reliable service. Despite being the newest addition, Robin's enthusiasm translates into continuous learning and support for the h2o Team. As a bespoke AI created by Neil, built by Richard and partners Zenith, Robin plays a key role in keeping h2o at the forefront of technology.

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Claire Whelan
Team Administrator

Claire transitioned to financial services in 2019, leveraging her transferable people skills. Prior to this, she served as a global logistics manager for a UK-based manufacturing company, establishing connections and supplying customers across 80 countries. An avid animal lover, Claire finds joy in simple pleasures like dog walks, cinema trips with friends, and local music gigs.

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