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Turning Off the News Will Make Us Wealthier

The title of this blog is the key take away from the Omnis fund managers recent investor discussion event that I would like to share with you.

Following the success of the Omnis investment webinar in the summer, the expert fund managers hosted another event on the 30th September to reassure investors and give insight into the market reactions following the government budget announcement earlier in the month.

As non professional investors looking to grow our wealth, we can easily become unsettled by emotive news reports as we feel they can put our long term aspirations at risk. The fund managers are here to offer a more subjective approach to recent political announcements and support a greater understanding of the current economic reaction.

Turning off the news allows us to make calm, well reasoned decisions about our long term wealth and be more confident in our future prospects. One of the key take aways from the last fund manager event is that you can take any 7 year period in the UK financial markets and you will make a profit, long term wealth generation is all about time and patience. If you are investing for a child’s future, or your own retirement, you are investing for 20 years or more so you have ample opportunities to sail through periods of volatility and be in a positive position to capture the resulting growth.

Please click the link below to review the recording and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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